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Home Education

Cathryn trained as a Primary school teacher at University College of St Mark and St John back in 2009, after a brief stint working as a teaching assistant at a local primary school. She spent several years working in state schools, gaining experience, establishing her skill set and developing her own style of teaching.


Since becoming a mother back in 2013 Cathryn’s interest in and understanding of how children learn has become far more prevalent. Motherhood is central to why Cathryn has since, reformed her philosophy of education, having realised that many systems within the Primary schools inhibit a child’s development as a Whole.


Cathryn believes that  a child who is given the opportunity to ‘find out for themselves’ alongside an inspirational guide, in a wide range of settings, will always have a love of and confidence around learning. With this underpinning their education, alongside well structured opportunities for children to develop skills in communicating, being a social person and being healthy, Cathryn believes that children in her care can really become active in their own learning just as she is active in hers! 

She has increasingly realised how beneficial learning outdoors and at an individual’s own pace, can be. Cathryn gives children the space, time and guidance to develop at their own speed and uses Mother Earth to inspire and enrich children’s learning experiences. She is particularly passionate about teaching children how and why the food they eat is so important to their overall health.


A key feature of this is teaching children how to grow the food they eat and so, veggie beds, simple foraging and cookery sessions feature heavily in the sessions she runs. 

Cathryn currently teaches two days a week at a small Home Education Support Group up on Dartmoor and runs Wild Willows, an outdoor, Earth-based Education group on the land where she lives, in Loddiswell. This group meet each Friday throughout term time to celebrate the turning of the seasons, enjoy learning experiences guided by nature and embrace PLAY in all is invaluable glory.

If you are interested in joining the Friday group please do contact Cathryn to arrange a visit.

Cathryn Grace Home Education



'My child loves attending Wild Willows. Set in an idyllic spot, abundant in natural wonders, the day

is gently and skilfully led by Cathryn who has nurtured my child allowing her to become

independent without my presence. Activities are always rooted in nature and my child has

particularly enjoyed learning to create tasty treats such as nettle pesto, arrange flowers, sew,

write poetry and much more as well as plenty of time for connection and free play. Cathryn and

her team are particularly diligent, never forgetting to see to the particular nuances of my child's

needs and always reporting back how the day has gone. I always know my child will have a

wholesome day of fun, creativity, connection and play'.


Cathryn Grace Forest School 2
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