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Cathryn grows the majority of the flowers she works with on a small piece of land in South Devon. Growing in an ecologically

sensitive way is central to her business which is why she doesn't use pesticides or chemicals and encourages wildlife in to her garden

at every opportunity. Her flower growing season runs from April, when the first tulips and anemones begin poking their heads up,

through to October when the last of the dahlia continue to brighten those Autumnal days.

Her journey with growing flowers began back in 2019 when a friend asked if she'd be interested in producing dried flower for a small

business. In that first year she only grew statice, strawflowers, gomphrena and ammobium but that was enough to make her realise

the benefits of growing. At the time her daughters were young and the solace she found whilst up on the patch was like medicine for

a weary body and tired mind. It became her evening therapy; deadheading with only the hum of the insects to engage with or

planting out mid-Spring as the birdsong blossoms! The act of growing healthy blooms is far more than just trying to earn a living,

it's about connection and seeing beauty in every season. It's learning alongside Nature in order to enhance your own wellbeing.

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